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A coach is only as good as his clients' results...

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Craig's Story...

45lb weight loss in 12 weeks.

I’m 36 years old at the beginning of 2018 my weight had skyrocketed to 18 stone 3lbs. I was drinking alcohol most night, I was comfort eating and I was depressed, I was also suffering from anxiety.

Even though I had a beautiful wife and 3 beautiful kids I felt like I had nothing left to give. I had no energy and I could not even tie my shoelaces up without getting out of breath, things were bad ........and then I meet mike!

I signed up to his 12-week lean project.

First conversation I was nervous but within a few minutes of talking to him via FaceTime he made me feel comfortable and relaxed about things and we started to look towards the future (something I had not done in a long time).

We discussed weekly goals and the 12-week goals.

The weekly goals kept me determined and focused throughout the week before I would report back to mike with our weekly calls. Without even realising, the weekly goals were making me fitter and stronger and it was leading and preparing me to smash my 12-week goals. Without even realising Michael had installed into me the belief and the determination I needed to move forward, the positivity he was giving out had rubbed onto me which then was recognised by my family.

I found myself in the gym and running and also doing weights with a routine we had talked through a tweaked week by week , my food plan that we discussed together was amazing I was counting calories and eating more than ever ,but clean foods so I was never hungry.

He taught me the discipline to not go after short term temptations in the kitchen to get my long-term success.

After the 12 weeks had ended, I had lost 45lbs in weight, I went from 23% body fat down to 18%. I found that I had more energy for my family, and I saw life in a more positive light.

I have continued to push myself at the gym. I am now at 14 stone 10lbs and I’m a new person inside and out and this is all thanks to Michael the body transformation coach.

I cannot recommend this guy enough. Keep up the great work Mike you’re an asset to the industry.

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Brad Front Brad Side

Brad's Story...

27lb weight loss in 12 weeks.

I was nervous when I started the Lean Project, would it work for me?

Can I do it?

Will I have to give up beer and nights out?

I didn’t really know exactly what I was signing up to as coaching is new to me, my idea of a trainer is someone in the gym telling you what to do.

Once we got started on the program, I started to get less nervous and I really committed to the program, I had a god gym routine and I tracked my food.

Half way through the program we had lockdown and the gyms closed, I was worried that my progress would stop as I couldn’t get to the gym anymore but Michal reassured me and I actually lost more weight when the gyms closed!

I’m at a weight now that I haven’t been in over 15 years and I’m a healthy BMI.

Now my goal is to continue my hard work and build muscle.

I can’t recommend Michael enough, his approach is so easy to follow, I never felt overwhelmed and I always felt like he had my back.

Arash Front Arash Side

Arash's Story...

18lb weight loss in 12 weeks.

Michael was my rock through lockdown, helping steer me on to the right path, keeping me focused on goals and building good habits.

As a busy business owner, I was sceptical of my own commitment, and lockdown posed other challenges, but it was a great programme, easy to follow and build on week after week.

I lost 18lbs over 12 weeks, I feel great, but the biggest takeaway is how much more prepared I am to sustain it.

I highly recommend working with Michael - your biggest obstacle is getting past your own excuses.

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Gary Front Gary Side

Gary's Story...

29lb weight loss in 12 weeks.

I’ve always struggled with my weight; I’ve always been big.

In School I was called “big Gal”.

Over the years I have tried everything, mainly slimming world, sometimes with some success but I would always put the weight back on.

I had been following Michael’s work for a while and I really liked his ethos and wondered if that would work for me?

So I sent him a message.

We talked about what I had tried in the past and discussed how much weight I would like to lose in the program.

I signed up without hesitation.

I had a coach before but there was no follow up or interaction, just a message here and there.

With Michael I knew he was there If I needed him and the weekly calls kept me on track.

It’s the most weight I’ve ever lost without feeling like I was on a diet.

I have a bigger goal that I have set myself for xmas and I am confident I can get there.

Kevin Front Kevin Side Kevin Back

Kevin's Story...

18lb weight loss in 12 weeks.

I knew Mike from using him a few years ago for personal training.

I had put on some weight during Covid, hated my body shape and had lost what self confidence and belief I had.

My blood pressure was also through the roof and I had been put on two tablets to control the blood pressure and was told that I would be on both for life.

I decided to speak to Mike having seen his project on Facebook.

We held an initial zoom call and while I was reticent as I was not sure about the investment I decided that making the investment was worth a try.

It turned out to be one of the best decisions and investments in myself I have ever made.

The weekly zoom calls, support and encouragement from Mike and his desire to see his clients succeed is a breath of fresh air and his organised approach his experience and expertise along with his unassuming stylemake him a perfect choice for anyone looking for a body coach and wanting to lose weight, get fit and change your outlook on life and gain a new positive mindset.

I cannot thank Mike enough and although it was through my own hard work and taking action and owning his programme I could not have done it without his help.

I have lost 18 pounds, have a new positive outlook look on life as well as eating healthier but not giving up anything including beer.

More importantly I have the best blood pressure that I have had for years and have been able to come off one of my medications which I was told would not happen.

I also have a resting heart rate of 40.

I have also hopefully gained a friend for life. I enjoyed the 12 weeks so much that I have signed up for Michael’s mastery programme for 6 months and I cannot wait to see what that brings.

If you are a busy male looking for a body transformation coach then look no further than Michael.

Thanks Mike here is to the next 6 months.

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Mike Front Mike Side Mike Back

Mike's Story...

15lb weight loss in 12 weeks.

I just wanted to take some time to reflect on my 12 week programme in The Lean Project and talk about some of my wins.

I’ve said this before, but when I first signed up I was expecting fitness charts, exercise routines and eating plans.

To my surprise this was not the case.

Over the last 12 weeks I have learnt so much more, not only about fitness and health but mental health and your own personal wellbeing.

I have now got a passion back for life, which was something I had been missing after a couple of tough years.

I’m now starting to feel myself again and that is probably the biggest win for me.

I have a better understanding of myself and how I work as a person.

I have more control not only regarding weight loss but my emotions too.

I have lost just over 15lbs in the 12 weeks but have also lost some serious amount of inches.

This has made me feel so much happier and I’m now more comfortable and confident in situations which I would have avoided before.

I’m now hitting the gym at least 4 times a week and it’s really helped me relax from what is a tough time for everyone.

I would like to say thank you to Michael Newman for the help, guidance and support you have given me and I really look forward to the next challenge and hitting some bigger goals.

My only bit of advice to anyone just starting is give it your all and don’t be disappointed when you don’t hit what you expected, just keep going.

The fact you have already stepped up to make a change is the biggest goal.

Own it, take responsibility and remember your WHY!

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Gareth Front Gareth Side Gareth Back

Gareth's Story...

18lb weight loss in 12 weeks.

Gareth's story is coming soon.

Jose Front Jose Side Jose Back

Jose's Story...

22lb weight loss in 12 weeks.

This week I had my final call with Michael and I honestly couldn't be happier.

The LEAN PROJECT has turned out to be the most amazing experience.

Before I started the project I had been battling with my weight for a few years, I could never make any progress and I wasn't too sure why.

I weighted myself this morning and I've reached my goal, well in fact, I'm 100 grams under.

Micheal has been an amazing support, he shared all his knowledge with me and he was as committed as I was to see my success.

I'm now down over 10kg since my first ever contact with Michael and I have a plan moving forward and goals for the future.

If you are thinking about doing this, honestly JUST DO IT!

Mark Front Mark Side Mark Back

Mark's Story...

22lb weight loss in 12 weeks.

Mark's story is coming soon.

Troy Front Troy Side Troy Back

Troy's Story...

19lb weight loss in 12 weeks.

So I’m on my last few days of my 12 week program in “The Lean Project” headed up by my coach Michael Newman. I have to admit I have really enjoyed the process, not only did I drop 19lbs the change in my mental well-being has been far greater than my physical one.

I’ve gone from not being able to even run 2K without walking half of it to now running just shy of 12K and still have a little more left in the tank.

The greatest thing about Michael's approach in my opinion is that we just set very small achievable weekly goals he holds you accountable for, or more so, you hold yourself accountable for and you get it done. Every week the first thing he asks you are “what were your wins for the week?” and it feels great to look back and recall what you did well that week and how it made you feel getting these little wins in each week. They soon add up to great results.

I’m incredibly proud of myself which feels really wired to say but fantastic all the same.

Little embarrassed sharing these photos, especially the before pics but maybe if it helps some of my friends get inspired as I was by my mate Craig then I’m all for it.

Michael you the man!

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Dave Front Dave Side Dave Back

Dave's Story...

Dave's story is coming soon.

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Sam Front Sam Side Sam Back

Sam's Story...

22lb weight loss in 12 weeks.

Feel a bit weird doing this, but I’m super proud of myself and we all know social media is the place to come for self gratification. So here it goes......

At the start of this year I was the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life, stressed at home, kids driving me crazy and generally just an unhappy bastard.

I knew I needed to do something about it.

After chatting to Michael Thorpe who has gone through a similar transformation, I reached out to Michael Newman and we agreed to work with each other.

12 weeks later, I’m 2 stone lighter (the lightest I’ve been in 10 years) and 2 trousers sizes down, all this without gyms or golf being available to me.

I’ve gone from cycling 4 miles and being chuffed with myself to cycling 35miles and wanting more.

My relationship with Mela is possibly the strongest it’s ever been and I’m generally enjoying being around the kids all the time (even if they are still dick heads for a few hours a day).

The change in me has been huge and the best bit about it is - is still get to act like an unhappy bastard.

Being accountable to myself and also Mike has been the key to me. No shitty Herbalife shakes, no keto diet. Eat whatever you want within your allowance and exercise more. It’s a simple science, burn more than you consume.

Honestly if you want a change. Reach out to Mike and have a conversation. He will help change your life for the better.

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Steven Front Steven Side Steven Back

Steven's Story...

22.5lb weight loss in 12 weeks.

Steven's story is coming soon.

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Couple's Coaching

Couples coaching works so well to get awesome results as you are both working together towards the same goal. Helping each other every step of the way. Supporting and keeping each other on track...

Andy Front Andy Side Lorna Front Lorna Side

Andy and Lorna's Story...

27lb weight loss in 12 weeks.

When I started working with Michael I was in a dark place, I was doing a lot of research and trying lots of different things, I felt a bit lost and fed up as nothing was working.

At the beginning I was unsure that this approach would work for me, but after week 2 and losing a few lb I started to think this can work.

My confidence grew as I lost more weight.

Having Michael there for me for support is invaluable.

My wife and I did the program together, it has been one of the best things we’ve ever done and well worth the investment.

Week 1 I couldn’t run 1km by the end of the program I was running over 10km.

This is just the start for me, Michael has left me with the desire, skills and knowledge to have continued success.

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Angus Front Angus Couple Cat Back

Angus and Cat's Story...

15lb weight loss in 12 weeks.

I was so unfit when I started with Michael, I remember at the beginning when I used to feel sick exercising.

Looking back now it really makes me think about how far I have come.

Myself and my wife Cat started working with Michael mainly because we both wanted to get fitter.

We were looking to start a family and wanted to be the fit parents in the playground.

I didn’t really have a weight loss target, I just wanted to get fitter and tone up.

We worked with Michael for 3 months.

We both loved his approach and we certainly got fitter.

I lost some weight too and so did Cat.

Since finishing with Michael, we have had a baby, Everley.

Michael had left us with the tools to continue on our fitness journey and hopefully we will be the fit parents in the playground.

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